• By: Hans M.
  • July 10, 2013
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How to Make Your Job Fair Run Like Clock Work

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Hosting a Job Fair?
Are you hosting a job fair where you want your candidates and employers to make the most connections?

Lineapple allows this to be done at no cost through your candidates mobile devices. Presently job fairs usually have long lines where candidates have to be very selective in whom they approach and many leave frustrated.  With Lineapple a candidate can maximize their connections by waiting in multiple lines all at once.  This allows them to see several recruiters back to back without physically waiting in line.

How can this all be done? You may ask. A recruiter can set up a public line with the name of the company such as “#1 Accounting” firm and include the normal service time that it takes to speak with candidates on average say 3 minutes.  All of this set-up takes one minute. Candidates with smart phones can see this line through their Lineapple app under “Find a line. They will see the estimated wait time and how many people are in line.  If they are the third person to get in line they know they have a 9-10 minute wait with two candidates ahead of them.

Now as the candidate searches for more lines in their Lineapple app they’ve  noticed that the” #1 Finance”  company only has one person in line with a five minute wait. Therefore they join that line, meet with the #1 Finance company while they wait for the “#1 Accounting Firm” and see both companies one after the other.

It’s that simple don’t you just love getting two things at once and you don’t’ have to rely on anyone “Holding Your Spot in Line” except Lineapple the mobile application.