Top 10 Reason Why You’re Afraid to Advertise on Mobile

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  1. Advertising is like a great mystery
  2. You’ve been burnt by Groupon
  3. You’re Lease just went up; so “no new bills!”
  4. Your spouse does your social media and now you think you are advertising
  5. You have return customers that keep you going so you feel that will keep you liquid
  6. You are in a good location so you think that means advertising isn’t necessary
  7. You been approached by 5,000 companies so you think, “to many options is like having none”
  8. You haven’t seen inexpensive advertising that works
  9. You don’t trust anybody who charges for their services
  10. You don’t know about Lineapple Mobile App (

If you are making decisions by the 10 above call your banker because he needs to know financial calamity is ahead. Mobile is the future. If you not sure about Advertising email Lineapple. They will give you a free year of advertising.