How Lineapple Got Its Name

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How Lineapple Got Its Name

Much like Google, Twitter, and Yahoo before us there is a long legacy of names in the dot com era that are head scratchers. Surprisingly though, not ours…look again at our name. Do you see it?

So we were at the front end of the modern app movement in 2012 and we wanted to call it Line App simple enough right. However an app that deals in phone calls had that name. That’s when it happened, because “ineapp” is the main ingredients for the word “Pineapple” the suggestion system kept giving me name suggestions for Pineapple named websites. So I said, “Let’s do it. Let’s combine the two”

Let’s call ourselves Lineapple. Hey, name association worked for Geico.

So that’s how the Lineapple name came about, from the root “Line App” that forms the word Lineapp-le and the wonderful Pineapple.  We even thought people would remember us better if we said, “it’s spelled like Pineapple but with an “L”.

That’s our name story and you know what? People rarely forget our name, and they almost never forget it after they see Lenny Lineapple the Pineapple (that’s our mascot’s name).

Keep reading if you want to learn more about Lineapple.

The idea of Lineapple came to us in 2012, we were just coming off a 2010 wait management website we created for online appointments but we knew that traditional websites were dying. Plus, too many businesses had employees that were mobile for it to work from a regular website, laptop, or desktop.

We knew if we wanted to create something that would revolutionize the way people interacted with their physical environments it would need three important things:

  1. Be a Mobile App. (There are way too many people moving around in retail stores, hospitals, and restaurants)
  2. Have an API so brands that want to keep their customers in their existing apps could use our tech and wouldn’t be threatened by our new technology.
  3. Patents. Patents. Patents.

We called it “Environmental Networking”.

We spent countless hours learning a lot about why waits happen and how to end physical lines. We researched and learned why the new technologies that some start-ups were trying had never taken off. Most importantly we learned how to fix the problem.

We are excited about the future of mobile waiting. So much so we also got and so we’ll be ready. Please join us on our journey to get you back some of those 3 years of your life that you spend waiting.