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Introducing: Wait with Friends

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Lineapple is proud to release a New Feature in the Lineapple App: ‘Wait With Friends’.


It’s the classic problem, you want everyone on the same page, but everyone has different devices. Yes, you can group text(sms), but still one person has to find out the information and give it to everyone…continuously. This is because sms is a communication tool, not a real-time notification tool.


Lineapple fixed this with the ‘Wait with Friend’ feature. The combination of check-in radius which allows check-in when you are in the designated area, plus Lineapple’s real-time information, and notification system makes it easier than ever before to get instant updates for the things you or your group are waiting for. Before Lineapple created ‘Wait with Friends’ you still needed one person to relay the information to everyone in the group, there was no group waiting or group notification ability.


For example, if a group were all waiting for a roller coaster someone must still stay behind and keep everyone in the loop then call everyone to make sure they meet at the right time. The information will not text itself, even the most sophisticated sms paging systems or “Fast Pass” would still require you to find them first, check in, or plan your day by a reservation the night before. Still this doesn’t let you know if there are any delays, changes, and the process is elaborate and full of steps. Not to mention it can’t be transferred past one or two devices.


That has all changed with the release of ‘Wait with Friends’ (group waiting.) by Lineapple. Now users can invite Friends through Facebook or Lineapple and let your friends see the same group wait time info in real-time. So if you’re waiting on a table at a restaurant everyone can go to different stores while still knowing where the group stands for the next table. If you’re waiting for a event you and your friends can enter together when coming from different places.
Lineapple is continually expanding it’s ‘No wait Zones’ so you can use this all over the country in the near future.