University & College Students want Apps – We’ve got you covered…

As a new school year rolls around Universities and Colleges are prepping for professors and students to return. It comes as no surprise to professors or students that some departments will take the blunt of the focus when the school year starts. The admissions and financial aid department are two that come to mind. They will see hundreds if not thousands of student past through their doors for assistance in a matter of days. Many student advisers will see a long line of students seeking their guidance. There will be lines for new freshmen and parents dropping off students. The campus book store will even see lines of students buying last minute supplies and books.

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Why Nobody Should Care About Mobile Payments. (At Least Not Yet.)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that mobile payments which utilize NFC (near field communication) technology have been gaining speed and consumer adoption.

While this technology is groundbreaking, and mobile payment providers see the new mobile wallet as a silver bullet for cutting the big banks out of the payment loop, what does this all mean for the average smartphone wielding consumer?

Not much.

Some convenience. No more overstuffed wallets. A few seconds saved when entering online payment information. Obviously these small conveniences add up, with $235.4 billion in global mobile payment spend as of 6 months ago, and $62.24 billion projected for 2016 in the US alone. But should anyone really care?

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Introducing: Wait with Friends

Lineapple is proud to release a New Feature in the Lineapple App: ‘Wait With Friends’. ————-


It’s the classic problem, you want everyone on the same page, but everyone has different devices. Yes, you can group text(sms), but still one person has to find out the information and give it to everyone…continuously. This is because sms is a communication tool, not a real-time notification tool.


Lineapple fixed this with the ‘Wait with Friend’ feature. The combination of check-in radius which allows check-in when you are in the designated area, plus Lineapple’s real-time information, and notification system makes it easier than ever before to get instant updates for the things you or your group are waiting for. Before Lineapple created ‘Wait with Friends’ you still needed one person to relay the information to everyone in the group, there was no group waiting or group notification ability.

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The fix to your Loyalty Programs

    If you are anything like me, you are part of at least three rewards programs. Amazingly 54% of us think that the rewards they offer are weak at best (COLLOQUY). The reason is because most rewards programs waste their time offering products and discounts that most people don’t actually care about.       Discounts are no longer a major selling point when you can google search or amazon search for a product to find a lowest price. Then the products you want, you will almost certainly never qualify for unless you spend 1000X of that product’s retail price. So then why do people still use and want them?

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General Admission is horrible without Lineapple!

We have all been there; no literally we have all be there! You drag yourself to be at an event super early all because of two dreaded words….GENERAL ADMISSION.  This is the code word for “come early or don’t come at all”. Some businesses try to jazz up the offering by saying things like, “ first come-first served” but we all know if you are not early you are late.

In the perfect world with no last minute papers due, exams, day care pickups, spilling something on a dress or shirt, last minute phone calls, or forgotten items then General Admission would be great.  Yet that’s not the real world.

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Holiday Rush – Long Lines Help – Office Hours October 24th

Are you an Owner, Manager, Director of Marketing, or Director of Operations?  Do you expect to have crazy lines this Holiday Season? We will be holding our next “Office Hours” on October 24th to meet companies who would like FREE advice or help with current solutions. We will share our expertise and research to help your operations.

To join us in New York for our office hours please email rose@lineapple.com with a brief description of your business and what strategies you are currently using outside of traditional physical lines and stanchions. We will email you the details of your RSVP.

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Why Lineapple is also Working with Barbers and Stylist

Everyone likes to look good.

When you look at the hair industry, it is a robust and growing industry driven by the growth of the world population. Yet with the population growth and limited time the industry has created a waiting problem. Most barbershops and salons have extensive waits. Waiting on Fridays and Saturdays is the norm and time is ultimately lost. The social nature of the hair industry also adds to delays in services. There is a need to connect with customers if they plan on keeping them.

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Can Walmart’s new scan app beat out Amazon’s appeal right now or will they need Lineapple’s help?

What comes to mind  when you hear the name Walmart… Savings of course!  Imagine savings plus faster checkout…  The Walmart new implementation of the scan and go system is already in use at almost 200 Walmart stores.  The system is built to make shopping more convenient and cut time at checkout lines.  Consumers  can now save time and money while shopping at Walmart.  Speedy and fast checkouts are very important to people nowadays.  Everyone loves to have more time at home or doing what they like to do rather than standing in long lines.

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Hospital ER Waits: Is it Willful Blindness?

Are Hospitals at fault for ER Waits? Could their actions be classified as Willful Blindness (Willful Ignorance) due to wait times at hospital ER rooms?

Willful Blindness (Nelsonian knowledge) is a term used in law to describe a situation where an individual seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally putting himself in a position where he will be unaware of facts that would render him liable.– Luban, David

Hospitals are having a huge problem with the United States National Health Care Act. Strangely enough many hospitals don’t feel a measure of responsibility to the public for the overall quality of the service experience. Was any foresight about waits used before the passing of this bill? Many feel hospitals haven’t brought bedside manners and patient rights into the 21st century. This is an issue that hospital administrators nationwide should have been prepared for.

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Sirious Future: What iOS7 means for Lineapple and You

With the release of iOS7 some of the things we are most excited about are the multitasking and siri integration. It will greatly effect the way you use Lineapple in the future.

Multitasking mean line updates with less drain on your battery.

With the new Siri integration of Twitter and Wikipedia it opens the way for Lineapple to intergrate in the future so we can help you get back to the things you love!

Check a video below that shows you what the Lineapple Siri future sounds like. Thanks Apple!

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