HBR Retail Research: More Employees, More Money for You

Customer Service is not a new buzz word like Customer Engagement, but everyone agrees that customer service makes a huge difference when it comes to sales. That is why many people many will shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart and Wholefoods instead of Piggly Wiggly even though the first option is about 10% higher.

Take an experience I had a few years ago, I needed help with a lamp at Target and there were no employees nearby, so I spent at least 10 minutes looking for one. Finally I went up to the front and they instructed me to go back to the area and they would page someone. So I went back over to that area only to wait and wait…until finally 15 minutes later someone showed up. All that made me think, do employers make more money having customers wait?


Fitting Rooms and Retailer’s Wallets [Infographic]

Few managers are concerned about the fitting room. This is shocking because a retailer’s health is directly tied to sales and their fitting room management. In fact, those who go to a fitting room to try something on are 7X more likely to buy. Yes, the fitting room is Treasure; but is it buried treasure? Only you know whether or not you are maximizing your fitting room by having proper wait management like using Lineapple.

The following infographic is filled with research on how Fitting rooms are worth a lot of money to your business (treasure). Fitting rooms are not like cash register lanes where you can add more and decrease, which still doesn’t work that well. Fitting rooms are finite. That is why using retail tech to improve the process is so important.

Retailers: What you need to know about BOPIS in 2015 (or else.)

Buy online pick-up in store & buy online return in store has been adopted by 88% of the top 100 retailers.

For good reason.

All of the essential things you need to know about BOPIS in retail will be included in this article. We’ll answer questions like: How do you measure up? Is this changing consumer behavior? How can I make my BOPIS initiative better?

Facts you need to know: 

  • Sixty-three percent of shoppers buy online and pickup in-store at least a few times per year. (source)
  • Only 45 percent of retailers have extended BOPIS capabilities to include the ability to ship products from fulfillment centers to stores, 25 percent provide real-time visibility to inventory levels, and 16 percent suggest alternatives for out-of-stock products. (source)
  • 74 percent provide robust communication throughout the transaction (e.g., an email alerting the customer that their product is ready to be picked up). Yet, only half support text messaging. (source)

In the UK, BOPIS rates are higher. House of Fraser, for example, fulfills 35% of all online sales with BOPIS.


Is Commercial Retail Space in Malls Worth the Price? 10 Marketing Questions

Ten Types of Business/Marketing Questions to Ask your broker/landlord if you are planning to open, expand, or grow your mall store.

We have eliminated the obvious questions about price, floor space, property agreements and the like, and focused on the business and marketing questions you should discuss with your lessor.


1- Foot Traffic Numbers – How much foot traffic/car traffic does this location receive? Can I see the traffic study results?


Many managers complain that they don’t get enough business but how much traffic is the mall really getting? Studies are provided by comapnies like Pedestrian Studies http://www.pedestrianstudies.com/  & Lineapple Wait Services division http://www.lineapple.com to help give clients insights on foot traffic and actual in-store time.

Retail Round Up: Best and Notable Retail Tech and Mobile Articles From Last Week!

Retail articles are oozing out of the internet’s orifices so we scoured through our RSS feeds and the black hole of Google’s search results to find you the most thought provoking, important, and “in case you missed it” content to help you get up to speed after your vacation to usher in the new year. (We post the retail round up every week.)

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First up is a bit of a futuristic piece that really stimulates thinking about the new customer experience in retail:

Why Nobody Should Care About Mobile Payments. (At Least Not Yet.)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that mobile payments which utilize NFC (near field communication) technology have been gaining speed and consumer adoption.

While this technology is groundbreaking, and mobile payment providers see the new mobile wallet as a silver bullet for cutting the big banks out of the payment loop, what does this all mean for the average smartphone wielding consumer?

Not much.

Some convenience. No more overstuffed wallets. A few seconds saved when entering online payment information. Obviously these small conveniences add up, with $235.4 billion in global mobile payment spend as of 6 months ago, and $62.24 billion projected for 2016 in the US alone. But should anyone really care?


Regular Malls are Dying, SmartMalls are Thriving [Infographic]

Lineapple: Regular Malls are Dying, SmartMalls are Thriving  [Infographic]

Feature Graphic: Gen X Y picture Provided Courtesy of National Geographic ©


Amazingly not all mall visitors are created equal. The life of any mall can be directly traced to the 14-34 yr old population. Yes, the Gen X & Gen Y’ers are the mall. Visits equal sales and revenue. So what does the current mall landscape look like amongst the younger generation?

Lineapple has pulled together research from multiple sources to provide you with a look into the state of the current Mall and how it is changing to accommodate the experience driven youth of today. Malls are complicated because they are very often at the mercy of the stores and brands they support. Fortunately, now more than ever brands and willing to work with malls to create experiences that benefit their customers. Brick & Mortar stores cost a lot of money to maintain and online delivery logistics and returns are not ready for a 100% online shift, so now is the time to save retail as we know it.


The fix to your Loyalty Programs

    If you are anything like me, you are part of at least three rewards programs. Amazingly 54% of us think that the rewards they offer are weak at best (COLLOQUY). The reason is because most rewards programs waste their time offering products and discounts that most people don’t actually care about.       Discounts are no longer a major selling point when you can google search or amazon search for a product to find a lowest price. Then the products you want, you will almost certainly never qualify for unless you spend 1000X of that product’s retail price. So then why do people still use and want them?


Lineapple Helps Black Friday Retailers Hit Back Against Cyber Monday

Holiday Shopping is right around the corner, and though I love the deals and the deep discounts that are offered especially on Black Friday, I dread the long lines not only at the cash register and fitting room but the line just to get into the store. That one seems sometimes to be the longest one of them all. I’m not the only one who hates lines. Research has shown that a 10 minute plus wait will cause 52% of customers to find another store to shop at. We all know what that means, customers going online

Holiday Rush – Long Lines Help – Office Hours October 24th

Are you an Owner, Manager, Director of Marketing, or Director of Operations?  Do you expect to have crazy lines this Holiday Season? We will be holding our next “Office Hours” on October 24th to meet companies who would like FREE advice or help with current solutions. We will share our expertise and research to help your operations.

To join us in New York for our office hours please email rose@lineapple.com with a brief description of your business and what strategies you are currently using outside of traditional physical lines and stanchions. We will email you the details of your RSVP.

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